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LaTeX – Creating Custom Stylesheets for Documentation

Style Sheets are a useful method of organizing all the styles that would be used in your LaTeX document into a single file.

Why use Style Sheets?

You could put all your styles in the head of each .tex file in your project but that makes no sense, especially if you have multiple files referring to the same style sheet. Furthermore, it aids in maintenance and updating of styles. You could also include examples of how to use a particular style (commented out, of course).

Where should you store the Style Sheet in the project directory?

In my projects, I have created a subdirectory called styles, not surprisingly, and I have placed in this directory my style sheets. With a multifile project, you do well to keep all your files organized neatly so you can locate and update or add files as needed.

In this post, I will go through this sample style sheet section by section. At the end I will add a link to the entire file which you can download and use.

Prologue: Copyright and Author Information

This should be at the head of every style sheet. The reasons should be obvious.

% Document User Guide Styles Template 
% Author: Glenn J. Lea Technical Writer
% Website:
% Date: February 2016
% Copyright 2016 Glenn J. Lea
% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

This is the first topic in my series on LaTeX Style Sheets. To continue in this series, see Part 1: Document Class Information/Settings

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Tom Johnson – Documenting APIs course (embed)

Seeing that I want to go through Tom Johnson’s online course on documenting APIs, for handy reference, I am embedding the video here. If you are interested in this course, please go to Tom Johnson’s excellent website and find the full course here:

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The Origins of English and the Origin of the Name Deutschland

For you linguists out there, here are two upworthy videos. The first explains why Germany is called Deutschland by its inhabitants (that is its official name, obviously), Germany by the English, Allemagne by the French, and so on. The second video is about the origins of the English Language.

Why Are There So Many Different Names for Germany

The Origins of English

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