Glenn J. Lea, Technical Writer

Glenn J. Lea I feel a bit reluctant to toot my horn here, but its my website, so why not.

I’m a technical writer based in Berlin, Germany writing developer documentation for software products. Previously, I wrote engineering documentation for wireless integrated circuits and related technologies. Prior to moving to Germany from Canada, I wrote end-user documentation for financial products, including auditing software and derivatives trading floor software.

I consider myself, first and foremost, an information architect. This means, in plain language, that I design not only the look of documentation but also how the information is structured and accessed.

I also strive for usability. Again, another buzz word, but for me it means finding the best way to design the documentation that people actually want to use because it’s useful and the information is easy to access.

In terms of actual documentation types, I write API documentation, user guides, reference guides, tutorials and whatever else is required to help users of software get their job done.

I have won peer awards including the Award of Merit by the Society for Technical Communication in Toronto, Canada. I am a member of the Society for Technical Communication and Tekom. For more details you can view my profiles on LinkedIn or XING.

What does “The 6” mean?

BTW, if you are wondering what The 6 means, it has come to mean Toronto. It has been attributed to the singer Drake. It possibly refers to the six constituent parts of Toronto: Scarborough, East York, North York, York, Toronto, and Etobicoke. All these, except East York, were cities in themselves. They were amalgamated into the City of Toronto in 1998. So Toronto is 6 cities, sort of. Drake called it The 6. I use it because I like it as a nickname for my hometown.

Toronto in the 1930s
Superman's Daily Planet Building in Toronto, 1930s. Source: City of Toronto Archives.

Why “UWaterloo Proud”?

It’s not referring to the Belgium town of the same name. You might remember a little skirmish happened there a few centuries ago.

Battle of Waterloo
Not the Waterloo I am referring to. Source: Wikipedia.

It refers to my alma mater, the University of Waterloo, in Waterloo, Ontario Canada. Its a great school. It gave me a solid education. And I developed a love of writing there. A special word of thanks must go to Professor Miller, my English prof and Professor Werner Packull, my History prof, for helping me focus my educational direction towards research and writing. This formed a solid foundation for a great career in technical writing.

Great seal of the Great University of Waterloo in the Greater area of Waterloo.
Seal of the University of Waterloo. Source: Wikipedia.