Generating Output from a LaTeX File

Before we start actually working with the output from the converted PDF file as described in the previoius topic, lets look at how to generate an output file from a LaTeX file.

To build a LaTeX file

  1. Type the following in a LaTeX editor and save the file as HelloWorld.tex in a convenient location on your PC or MAC.

     \title{Title of Document}
     \author{Your Name}
     \section{Section Head}
     Hello, world!
     \section{Second Section Head}
     This is the last thing I am going to say here!
  2. Build the LaTeX file. You can do this on the command line or in a LaTeX editor such as TeXworks. In TeXworks, for example, select the build option pdfLaTeX+MakeIndex+BibTex from the Build menu, then click Build (the arrow next to the dropdown menu). Alternately, open a terminal (MAC) or Command Prompt (Windows) and change to the directory where you saved the file. Then run the following command twice to build the file and to generate a table of contents:

     pdflatex HelloWorld.tex
     pdflatex HelloWorld.tex
  3. In the directory containing HelloWorld.tex you will find a whole bunch of new files in there. For now, find the file HelloWorld.pdfand open it in a pdf viewer.

LaTeX document with table of contents

LaTeX document with table of contents