Adding writer2latex Conversion Packages to the Stylesheet

The packages added in this section may or may not be necessary, depending on the source files you were provided.

As I only had a pdf file as source and had to find a quick method to get the files into LaTeX where I could begin cleaning it up and applying appropriate LaTeX notation. My solution was to use a tool called Writer2LaTeX. I discussed this before in a previous topic.

Writer2LaTeX is a utility written in java. It converts documents in OpenDocument format into other formats.

This utility uses a number of LaTeX packages, including:

  • \inputenc which trans­lates var­i­ous stan­dard and other in­put en­cod­ings into a LaTeX in­ter­nal lan­guage.
  • \fontenc which al­lows the user to se­lect font en­cod­ings, and for each en­cod­ing pro­vides an in­ter­face to ‘font-en­cod­ing-spe­cific’ com­mands for each font. Its most pow­er­ful ef­fect is to en­able hy­phen­ation to op­er­ate on texts con­tain­ing any char­ac­ter in the font.
  • \amsmath which provides math­e­mat­i­cal type­set­ting in LaTeX.

Depending on whether you will use Writer2Latex, this three commands need to be added to your document style sheet. If you plan on keeping these packages, then you will need to include this section in your style sheet.

% Commented out to use the fontspec package below