Customizing Lists and Indentation

Package for resuming enumeration after intervening text element.


Command to indent paragraphs within lists

\newenvironment{myindentpar}[1][1]% {\begin{list}{}% {\setlength{\leftmargin}{#1}}% \item[]% } {\end{list}}

And use myindentpar in the text as follows

\begin{myindentpar}{1cm} % text text text... % \end{myindentpar}

Note that the indent can be adjusted as required in the text.

\documentclass{article} \usepackage{enumitem} \begin{document}

\begin{enumerate} \item List item \item Another list item \end{enumerate}

Paragraph of comments on list items 1 and 2.

\begin{enumerate}[resume] \item Further item \item Final item \end{enumerate}


How to Interrupt/resume an enumerated list: