Jeremy Clarkson as Usability Expert?

1 minute read

If you don’t know who Jeremy Clarkson is, he is a well-known automotive presenter recently of Top Gear and now of Amazon Prime. He has presented his shows with fellow presenters James May and Richard Hammond. I am a car enthusiasts so naturally I enjoy watching their shows.

However, a bit of an epiphany occurred to me yesterday watching a YouTube video of James May testing a Lamborghini Countach. The way Mr. May was describing the experience of driving the car was no different than describing the experience of using software or any device, for that matter. How usable is it? What are its strengths and weaknesses? What is the driving experience like?

If you imagined Mr. May using software, he would have described the experience in just about the same way.

  • How does it look? What are the first impressions?
  • How do you start the car?
  • Is the car comfortable to sit in and how easy is it to read the displays?
  • Are the controls in a sensible location and do they provide all the most critical information upfront?
  • When I am driving the car, that is, using the car, how easy is it to navigate the streets, make turns, and do all the things required for driving?
  • What annoying factors are there about the car that makes it hard to use?
  • What would I change to make the driving experience better?
  • Finally, were my expectations met? And if not, why? What was it like to use the car and am I satisfied, yes, even thrilled about using it?

Check out the following videos and see for yourself. James May, like Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond are superb usability experts. Only they test cars and describe their experiences and how they think the cars could be improved, if at all.

James May: Lamborghini Countach Supercar - James May’s Cars Of The People - BBC Brit

Richard Hammond: Mustang GT500 car review - Top Gear - BBC

Jeremy Clarkson: Alfa Romeo Disco Volante - Top Gear - Series 21 - BBC